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So simple, we didn't need the vowels

Artisan sandwiches, salads, soups, and desserts made fresh to order with clean, sustainable, and regional ingredients. Enjoyed in a modern industrial minimalist space designed to connect you to your neighbors.

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Ingredients Make The Difference

We should know...Our family has been avocado and lemon farmers in Santa Paula, CA for 100 years.
Growing up enjoying the fruits of our and our neighbors labor, gives us the understanding that clean, fresh, organic, and sustainable food just tastes better and is better for you!


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Where Matters

Buying as many of our ingredients as possible from our region is very important to us. We have been family farmers for nearly 100 years. We understand the beneficial impacts to our local economy, small growers and ranchers,  our environment, and the taste and nutritional value of our food that sourcing locally provides.


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How Matters

We care about how our providers produce our ingredients. We visit as many of our purveyors as possible, as well as belong to a number of oversight organizations to ensure the most healthful and environmentally sustainable practices are used to produce the food we serve you.



When Matters

Using produce from the current season ensures the freshest, most nutritious, and tastiest food possible. It also helps the environment by allowing us to continue to buy regionally, thus lessening shipping distances, fuel consumption, and thus emissions. It also keeps costs down which is good for us all.

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Discover Variety Through Simplicity

Our three signature House SNDWCH's remain the same, while our other three Daily SNDWCH's, a salad, and a soup change, you got it, DAILY! We want you to always have a choice of a NEW Veggie, Meat, and a Gourmet Grilled Cheese SNDWCH, as well as a salad, a soup, and a dessert to choose from every day.

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Our Story

Boy Meets Girl...


Bimini, Bahamas 2011 - It could be the next Nicholas Sparks movie. There is sun, sand, blue waters, a boy on his sailboat, and a girl arriving to the marina by water taxi. Boy buys girl a drink, boy and girl fall in love, get married at a beach, and then move five times in seven years.
They start to burn out on the grind of working for others in the grueling hospitality business. Boy lays awake many nights dreaming up the SNDWCH idea, design, and menu. They search and realize there is currently nothing like it. Boy and girl agree to go for it...
and SNDWCH is born.

What's your story?

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Coming Soon

Multiple Locations Throughout California

Carving Hours
Mon - Thu 1045 am - 9'ish pm

Fr & Sat 1045 am - 10'ish pm

Sun 1045 am - 8'ish pm

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Get in Touch

(720) 570-6169

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